3 Top Casinos to Play Roulette

Welcome to our roulette website. This is a that tells you where to play online roulette. Below you can find a list that shows you the best 3 online casino’s to play. These casino’s have been reviewed and tested by professional gamblers who have been playing roulette for years.

In this table, you will find the casino’s overall rating, direct links to the casino, bonuses offered, userfriendlyness of its software, the quality of the customer service and the payout percentage. These are the best of the best casino’s .

Rank Casino Bonus Payout Accepted Players Instant Download Live? Rating
1 Titan CasinoClick to Play $3,000 Welcome Bonus
Use code: ELECTRIC400
98.61% US players allowed
usa flag
download Yes 96/100
2 Begado CasinoClick to Play Up to $3,333
Use code: BEGADO
98.57% US players allowed
usa flag
download No 96/100
3 Win PalaceClick to Play $1,000 Welcome Bonus 98.25% US players allowed
usa flag
download Yes 94/100

Why did we make this site about Roulette?

I personally think that roulette is one of the most enjoyable casino games. Hence, when I’m at a casino, I’ll usually be found at the blackjack or roulette table.

I regularly search Google for information about roulette related topics. It always surprises me that there is so little good/honest information available regarding roulette. If you want to play roulette online, you’ll also be forwarded to one of the many online casinos at which you usually have to create an account. Through a deal with Casino titan, I was granted the opportunity of incorporating the roulette game on my own (read: this) website. I obviously couldn’t let this chance slip; you’re now seeing the result of this! The information you can find here is fairly concise but it’s a good basis to start with. I hope you enjoy playing roulette online!

Where can I safely play Roulette online?

As long as you choose a good online casino, it is safe to play roulette online. It is wise to check the licences a certain casino possesses. If a casino has an LGA license, then it’s certainly safe to play at this casino since they’ll have to adhere to the strictest security standards in order to be allowed to be operational as an online casino. Experienced players know this all too well, hence you won’t find them playing at a casino that doesn’t possess this license. The online casinos I advertise for all possess such a certification. This way you’ll know for sure that the roulette games are fair. The win-percentages of the free games have to be the same as the win-percentages of the roulette games in which you can earn cash. The chance of winning or losing on this website is the same as in an online casino.

Where can I play Live Roulette?

One of the newest trends in online roulette is the ability to play Live. This is done by using a webcam that is positioned in a real casino, usually in Malta or Gibraltar. You will play with a real croupier who launches the ball in the roulette wheel. I personally think that this way of playing roulette is going to become huge in the next few years. These casinos offering the live play option are usually open 24/7, so way longer than real casinos. During the day and evening you’ll see people betting, but these casinos usually get fairly extinct during the night and early morning hours. It does make for some hilarious webcam video though. Croupiers that get bored and tired. All online casinos that we expose on this website, except the titan casino, offer the option of playing live roulette.
Live Roulette is really a must try when you want to gamble online.