As you could start playing Roulette games online, and start winning some huge sized payouts instantly, through a series of winning outcomes, these types of casino games are hugely popular with players!

Casino Roulette

However, if you are relatively new to the Roulette game playing environment then there are a few things about playing Roulette online that you do need to be fully aware of, for selecting the wrong type of Roulette game to play online could see your winning chances decreasing!

The reasons for this is that there are several different variants of roulette available online, and not all of them have the very best winning payout attached to them and some of those roulette games you can play online, due to their playing structures and design can come with some very high house edges.

The house edge is simply a theoretical amount of cash that a casino should over any players long term play, win off those players, and the skill to becoming much more successful roulette game player is that you should be looking for only the lowest house edge roulette games to play!

There are three different main types of roulette games you can access and play online, and as such we shall give you a quick run through in regards to what makes each roulette game variant different and will of course point you in the right direct of just which roulette game to play at the Foxy Casino site!

French Roulette – There is one zero on the wheel the French Roulette game, and this is going to be the variant you should only every play if you like to place very low risk bets and wagers onto an online roulette game.

For when you place one of the six different even money paying bets on the French Roulette game when the zero is spun in as the winning number you will either get half of your losing even money paying bets returned to you or those bets are not cleared off the betting layout but stay in play for the next spin of the wheel.

American Roulette – The American Roulette game has two different zeros on its wheel, those being a single zero and a double zero. As the winning payouts you are paid for guessing the correct number spun in are not increased to take into account the extra zero when playing this game then its house edge is very high at 5.26%. Meaning it is a poor valued roulette game to play!

European Roulette – One game which is played a lot online and in mobile and land based casinos is the European Roulette game which is offered at the Foxy Casino site, tis game has one zero on its wheel and the house edge attached to the betting opportunities all of which you can place a wager on is low at just 2.70%, so if you are looking or a fair roulette game to play online or on your mobile device then give the Foxy Casino’s European Roulette game a try